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Is there away to force to RUT950 to have both of the sims active (different carriers) to be able to preform two different applications.

I would like Sim1 to be the main connection eg: data/failover and Sim2 to perform text sms and Alerts.

Is there away of achieving this?

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RUT950 cannot have both SIM active at the same time. Only upcoming RUTX12 will be able to do this, since it will use separate LTE modules for each SIM card.

Only upcoming RUTX12 will be able to do this,

Do you know when this will be released?

Currently release expected at the end of Q2.
Oh that's super annoying. I just bought the RUT950 and 2 new data plans because I wanted active failover between two carriers.

How does it know which carrier has best signal without shutting down internet? Hah...  Would take minutes to switch between SIM's then?
So basically I can just throw away the 950 and I have to buy the RUTX12 instead?
Also, how can load balancing work if it can't use both sims at the same time?