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according to my other topics with: TELTONIKA RUT955 with mobile connection problem, I'm starting another (just because previous problem has not been solved even after new firmware release which I reported at Topic #1).
Old topic:
#1. https://community.teltonika-networks.com/10918/rut955-lte-problem
#2. https://community.teltonika-networks.com/13443/rut_9xx_6-05-3-lte-connection-issue

Last issue was diagnosed at model RUT955T033C0

This problem has been diagnosed RUT955T033B0.
We had problem with station that lost connection because modem issue (My answer to Topic #2.: displayed N/A everywhere - reboot was temporary solution, sms management was not working).
So we decided to user brand new router RUT955T033B0 with the same card, the same equipment in the same location and new router could not even connect to the network. We have tried three FW versions (6.02, 6.05.3, even 6.06.1) and results always was the same.

Router displays proper communication with 3/5 bars of network range but computer connected to router (via wifi) tells that there is no internet connection. If the mobile connection is restored we have pings with times about 1500 - 3000ms.
When we installed old router, everything was working properly with times from 25 to 300 ms.

Both routers registered to network 4G (LTE), LTE BAND3.
New router shows with FW 6.05.3:
> "Data connection state" Disconnected
event if
> "Operator state" is registered (home)
> "Signal strength" -77 dBm

On 1.04.2020 i've sent trouble shoot to Teltonika support with similar problem but I had no response.

We installed another router from that series in other location and had the same problem.
Common thing for these issues is only operator (Orange PL).
These routers works in different location (over 300km distance between each other).

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It would be great if you could send me troubleshoot file from a device with the latest firmware installed. Replicate the issue and only then download it. Send it to me via private message, then I will forward it to RND.
do we have any progress?

Best regards,