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I have a problem with DYNDNS update on RUT950. I updated the firmware to the latest version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1

The first problem is that via GUI it is not possible to save the configuration of the DYNDNS service: in the Services --- DynDns menu, if I enable with flag the checkbox and I click on save button, the system save correctly. But if I click on edit button and modify the parameters in dyndns page (for example username, password), the changes are not saved. (I tried with different browsers but the problem is the same).

At this point I made the changes via CLI with the command: vi /etc/config/ddns and the configuration is OK

The second problem is that the system does not update ... We are using a dyndns.org professional service and on another router brand with the same configuration parameters the dyndns service works fine.

I see always the status in mode N/A

can you help me? We have 29 router with the same problem


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It's needed to review the configuration of DDNS service and DDNS connection logs to determine why your RUT950 isn't connecting to DYNDNS service.

Could you PM me the troubleshoot file from WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.

Regarding the issue of not being able to save DDNS settings via WebUI, do all of your 29 devices experience the same issue on RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1?