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what are the correct settings to make a LAN to LAN connection between Vigor 2960 and the RUTX we take over the example of the cisco,but no success the connection will not work?
I can setup the connection but not possible to ping

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Hello Harry,

As example I would like to share my RUTX IPsec settings. Check all steps (see attached png) and make changes on your RUTX according Vigor parmaters:

  1. Enable Ipsec VPN
  2. Set public IP address of Vigor.
  3. Set “Pre shared key”, it must be same on RUTX and Vigor.
  4. LAN IP pool used on RUTX
  5. LAN IP pool used on Vigor
  6. Key exchange must be same on RUTX and Vigor
  7. Must be same on RUTX and Vigor
  8. Must be same on RUTX and Vigor
  9. Must be same on RUTX and Vigor
  10. Must be same on RUTX and Vigor
  11. Check “PHASE2” settings, they also must be the same on RUTX and Vigor.

If issue persist, I recommend you to use these troubleshooting commands on CLI or SSH of RUTX:

  • ipsec status or ipsec statusall
  • ping from RUTX interface to Vigor and vice versa.
  • logread -f – it will show you real-time logs on RUTX. Try to search error messages, if Ipsec tunel is not established.

If you still have some troubles, please send me print screen of all Vigor Ipsec settings via private message.

Download “Troubleshoot file” from RUTX (menu System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot) and send it to me via private message.

Best answer
I have found the issue

RUTX11 can not use a DNS name in the remote address we have a dynamic IP and using no-ip.com as the DNS provider.

it looks like that the connection can be made by using a DNS name, but no traffic. if I replace the name by a IP address the connections works but also traffic is possible. it looks like a issue between the IPSEC and the firewall.

please Teltonika is it possible to use DNS names and not fixed IP addresses in the next release

but thanks for the support, this is not a issue ;)
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I have connection but no traffic

The vigor settings are 

if i disable the other LAN to LAN and change the address to no change it connects but no traffic 

The issue is found it goed wrong with the name solving from the DNS

Both side using dynamic DNS so we use the DNS name and not the IP address as the remote host.

Vigor works good the RUTX11 makes connection but some how the data is not going though the firewall inside the RUTX11

when I replace the remote DNS name to it's IP address everythings works. Is it possible to fix this issue in the next version, because after some we lose connection because of IP change. But anyway thanks for the fast response