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How can I export the complete logfiles of the RUT 955?

2 Answers

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by anonymous


To export a complete log you'll have to navigate to your RUT955 WebUI System > Administration > Troubleshoot

Click on Troubleshoot file "Download"  button and every log you need will be archived and downloaded for you. 

When so called "" package is downloaded, inside you'll find a folder with 4 log files: all_eventsdb.log, network_eventsdb.log, system_eventsdb.log and system.log

As it happens system.log file is stored in RAM memory and therefore it resets every time router restarts. 

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


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by anonymous
Hi, how would I do this using CLI over SSH?
by anonymous
I have the same question as well, how can we get this logs using CLI.
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by anonymous
how about:

logread | more
logread > filename
by anonymous
Thanks for your reply.

When I run "logread", I don't see the info that I see in, for instance, "network_events_db.log". I wonder if there is other commands or files that can be to get the info that can be downloaded from the UI.

I have just come across the "/mnt/mtdblock7/log.db" file which seems to be a sqlite file that has info that seems to be similar to some of the ones that can be found in the UI files but not with the time stamp like in the UI files. Trying to figure this part out.