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by anonymous


The thing is i'm trying to upload and install my package using the Package Manager.
i successfully manage to create a package and i already can install it after i upload it to the router using SCP and use the opkg install command. but when it comes to the Package manager i receive this message "The package is not compatible with this router firmware" and i have no idea where i should specify the firmware range or version.
hope you can help me with this issue. thank you.

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by anonymous

When uploading your package via Package Manager feature, do you use correct format? Package format should be .ipk

Also, if you want to use your own packages in our device, I would recommend using SDK packages and compiling your own firmware with tyour package already installed into firmware. SDK: more information how to use:
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by anonymous
I'm using my won package and yes, its format is .apk. I don't want to give our client a whole firmware to install it, at least i'm trying to avoid that, especially i'm not doing any changes to the current features. i'm just adding a new option that can be installed in many firmware versions without forcing our client to use a specific one ;), and after digging in the SDK package i found in the package manager code source that it's looking for something like this "tlt_version" in the check function, but i don't know where i need to add that line of code. i already tested in my makefile like this, but didn't work.
define Package/subMqttMsg
 <section, category, title, depends are mentioned here>


by anonymous
Currently consulting with RnD, I will let you know what we can do to try and help you out.
by anonymous
Got information from RnD team.

1. You need to use following name for you package in order to use/upload it via package manager, the name and format should be: tlt_custom_pkg_<anyname>.ipk

2. You need to add following information to your package before you compile it:



PKG_TLT_NAME:=<anything could be package version>


After you compile it you should be able to upload the package via package manager.
by anonymous
yep, that works fine, Thank you so much :)
by anonymous


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