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As described in the title:

Can i change mobiles WAN Gateway, Mask and/or Broadcast address?

I have 2 RUT955 which I want to connect via IPsec. I have received a fixed IP from my provider.

Router 1:

Router 2:

When I try to establish the IPsec I see the error that router 1 has the broadcast address of router 2 and therefore no tunnel can be established.

Ifconfig Router 1:




My provider told me that the mask and broadcast of the WAN interface are set by the router. Can I change them myself? Unfortunately I have not found any settings for this.

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There is no possibility to change mobile interface mask or broadcast. For mobile interface you need to set correct APN (menu Network -> Mobile -> Mobile Configuration), regarding it operator will provide network settings.

Maybe you are using some private LTE network? Why your both routers have private IP addresses?

I recommend you check IPsec configuration examples: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/IPsec_configuration_examples

Prerequisites for IPsec tunnel is:

  • At least one router must have a Public Static or Public Dynamic IP address

More information about Public and Private IP, you can read here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Private_and_Public_IP_Addresses

I will be ready to help you more if you provide me more details about you LTE network and troubleshoot files from both RUT955. You can download troubleshoot file from menu System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot, and send it to me via private message.