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I see instability on occasion from our ZeroTier network which is composed of 11 Teltonika devices permanently connected and anoth 6 which can join on occasion.

There are also three windows based connections which are on a higher version of ZeroTier client

When we suffer instability it is always the Teltonika devices and the Windows clients stay connected with no issues.

What is your plan to release an upgrade to ZeroTier on the RUT950 and RUT955 devices please?

Is there a timescale to this... we are hoping this will solve the instability issues we see.



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Upgrading to the latest version of ZeroTier is not planned because the latest version of ZeroTier is not compatible with the version of OpenWRT used in our routers.

The unstable operation should be checked. Please generate a troubleshoot file. Go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and click Download, and send to me via private message. I will be able to see more detailed information in the Troubleshoot file.

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