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Hi, I have a RUT955 and I wish to change the WiFi from a busy channel 11 to channel 9. I select channel 9 and 'Save', It goes off to save the changes and returns showing as channel 9 selected, but it is still transmitting on channel 11.

I have updated the firmware to RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1 (the latest version) but the problem still exists.

Any ideas?

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Tested RUT955 with the latest firmware and WiFi  channel changed without any issue.

How are you testing whether WiFi channel changed?

Once you change the channel, connect to router via CLI (Services -> CLI (login as: root)) and run command - iw wlan0 info

Check whether the channel is the one you selected or if it stuck on 11 channel.

Also provide the image of command's output.

Thanks for responding, I now realise I have posted my reply as a comment.
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Hi hope this helps. Using an app on my phone also shows it as channel 11.
Interface wlan0
ifindex 19
wdev 0x8
addr 00:1e:42:25:12:85
type managed
wiphy 0
channel 11 (2462 MHz), width: 20 MHz, center1: 2462 MHz

Via same CLI, try running these three commands and check whether channel will switch to 9:

uci set wireless.radio0.channel='9'                                 
uci commit