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Hi, I have a strange error.
I use a SIM in the SIM1 slot (giffgaff - UK) and after configuring the internet via the SIM worked.
I have my landline internet connected to the WAN port (as it should) and internet works well over it too.

I then configured the load balancing (and followed the website). First I had a 5:1 balancing rule (WAN:Mobile).
But I noticed that it never used the mobile connection.
So I updated the firmware ( RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1 ) and checked that both internet connections worked.

Then I set the balancing rule to 1:1 and it still didn't use the Mobile connection.

I got desperate and went to the [Moblie] settings and saved the configuration again. Then, I did the same in the [WAN] settings and then the [Load Balancing] settings. (I haven't changed it. I just saved the existing settings.

Suddenly, it worked. Load balancing was fine. A few hours later I had the same problem all over. Next day too.
Just by saving (and I guess resetting the connections), it works for a while.

So I have a question. Does anybody have an idea what the issue could be???

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Could you please post screenshots of your WAN and Load Balancing configuration pages?


Dear EB,

WAN Settings

(Above you have my WAN setting (which are set to Load Balancing) [Note that after I experienced this issue, I enabled also IPv6 on my mobile connection, in the hope that it could be that, but it doesn't affect  the functioning system in any way.]

Load Balancing Config


Your configuration looks totally fine, so it must be some external type of problem.

Mind if I ask, what are the use cases you're trying to use load balancing for at this very moment?

Hi EB,

Sure no problem. Well, now that half of Europe is staying at home, the landline (WAN) got really laggy and unreliable. So, I need a backup internet. Because I pay monthly for the mobile contract, I wanted to have also the speed benefit. Hence, I wanted to use load balancing.

Fundamentally, I use the Internet for daily work. Google, work on Austrian and UK servers, CITRIX, and sometimes do Audio and video streaming. I don't use VPN (so we have sessions to different IPs).  It doesn't matter what I do, the device always take the WAN unless I "re"-save the load balancing settings. Then, it works for a few hours fine (traffic on both).

Honestly, I don't have a clue what the problem could be.