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My issue is very simple to simulate 

  • I've downloaded the SDK here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/gpl/RUTX_R_GPL_00.02.01.1.tar.gz
  • Extracted and did a make
  • It build fine and I got a file called: openwrt-ipq40xx-qcom-ipq4018-rutx-squashfs-nand-sysupgrade.bin which I assume can be used to replace the current firmware.
  • I tried the GUI and also using ssh + sysupgrade but it seems each time that tho it seems to be flashing the SDK firmware on, the original remain.
Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Have you done any changes to configuration files, added additional packages or programs before compiling the firmware?

If no changes were done to files in SDK archive then firmware compiled using RUTX_R_GPL_00.02.01.1.tar.gz will be exactly the same as standard RUTX_R_00.02.01.1. Could you provide more information what for exactly you're using SDK?
So my first attempt was to just see if I can do a default built using the SDK and flash it onto the device. (no extra packages no extra files)

Thus I have not changed anything, just untar, cd... , make

For now I just want to see if I can do a built using the SDK and use that firmware to flash onto the RUTX which is where I'm stuck now as it seems the firmware is never replaced/upgraded.

After this I wanted to create another built with some extra packages that's available in the SDK but not included by default.
What firmware version is being displayed in WebUI -> Status -> System?

The device came from the factory with RUTX_R_00.02.00.1, then I upgraded to the latest trying to see if that would make a difference (RUTX_R_00.02.01.1)

I also just now downgraded to  RUTX_R_00.02.00.2

None of those firmware seem to be able to flash the SDK's openwrt-ipq40xx-qcom-ipq4018-rutx-squashfs-nand-sysupgrade.bin onto the device. 

Is that the correct file I should use to flash onto the device?

These were in under the /bin/targets/ipq40xx/generic after make


The sysupgrade file looked like the one I should use
The file that needs to be used for firmware flashing is "openwrt-ipq40xx-qcom-ipq4018-rutx-squashfs-apps.bin"

Note: the first time you compile a firmware file it may take up to two hours before it is complete. Don't close the Terminal window up until then. Once it is finished, you will find the firmware in the ./bin/targets/ipq40xx/generic directory. It should contain a file openwrt-ipq40xx-qcom-ipq4018-rutx-squashfs-apps.bin, it can be used to upgrade your router's firmware via its web interface.

I should have RTFM better blush

Many thanks for your help