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Hello! Found out when tried to update the FW of modem and the update failed the router begins loose internet connection. It shows signal, connection to the network, but no internet access. The webpages not open. Seems that modem doesn't work properly. Its strongly needed to update the fw. How I can update the modem or delete the downloaded FW from the router?

Small update: Install the beta fw of the router RUTX_T_F0992_00.02.02.982_WEBUI, but the situation is the same. Router doesn't receive or send data after a while. So the connection stays but no data transfer occures.

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From where did you get RUTX_T_F0992_00.02.02.982 firmware?
Was it given so solve particular issue with the router?
That are the speed differences?
You mentioned that at the beginning connection did not worked with the RUTX_T_F0992 FW, but now it's working. What changed?

New RUTX firmware is available for download: