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I have OpenVpn server running on Synology NAS on one site. It has openvpn address

On second site I have Rutx08 as VPN client connected to vpn with address and PC with vpn address

Rutx08 is connected to lan on second site with wan port and has lan address PC is connected to same lan.

Rutx08-s lan is in range 192.168.2.X and PLC is connected to rutx08-s lan with static IP address and default gateway set to Website is running on PLC

secure zones on rutx08 are:

and port forwards:

and routes:

I can reach PLC with browser on PC by typing but can't with and get message " refused to connect."

I can reach routx08 web ui both ways and so I guess that problem is somewhere in routers firewall configuration.  Goal is to reach PLC from any PC connected to VPN, not just one on same lan as router.

I am stuck on this for some time, tried everything I could find on net but nothing seams to work.

Please help.

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I found the solution on:

I added device to zone:

firewall.@zone[1].device='tun+' there was not one in my firewall at first, and then restarted firewall. Access over port 60 started to work.

Then I forwarded  port 502 which did not work at first, but started to work when I restarted firewall again from ssh access. 

/etc/init.d/firewall restart

So it may be that it only took restarting firewall from ssh in first place.

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