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Hello. I"m trying to set up my RUTX11 to work with two SIMS using load balancing. I can get each SIM to connect if it is in SIM slot 1, but whichever SIM I put in slot 2 never connects.

I've tried updating the firmware to: RUTX_R_00.02.01.1, but I get the same issue.

Anything else I can try?

I'm now trying to test the process for manually swapping from one connection to the other, but I can't get SIM slot 2 to connect. If I turn the SIM 1 WAN Interface to off, should the SIM2 one connect?

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Load balancing will not gonna work with two cellular connection on this router never because it is only one modem installed inside of the router and it can't make two active connections at the same time.  This is suitable in the router only for wired +sim1 or wired +sim2. The next generation RUTX12 will have this possibility, because will have two active modems
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Thanks for letting me know.

That's very disappointing, I've just wasted lots of money because that's the reason I bought this model was to use it like that. Neither the sales literature nor the documentation mention that important fact, both just saying the you can load balance across connections. This should be updated so that other people don't fall into the same trap.