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Hi. Is this gind of solution possible. 

Please ask guestions about firewall configuration, if needed. I'm able to host 1 server with no problems. 

I have opened required ports and done the port forwarding but cant get it to work..

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Yes, such solution would be possible if you have public IP on the router.

To achieve it, you should add couple port forwarding rules, similar to specified bellow:

Then you should be able to reach SERVER1 using: routerip:5001 and SERVER2 using routerip:6001

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Thank you for answer. I try that but with configuration:

Server 1:
To any router ip at port 443-> forward to IP, port 443 in lan

Server 2:
To any router ip at port 5001-> forward to IP, port 443 in lan

Server 1 if working ok, but cant reach server 2


If you disable SERVER1 port forwarding rule and set external port to 443 for SERVER2 port forwarding rule, is it working then?

Maybe your ISP is blocking certain ports, thus preventing your solution to work?
Aah. Back to basics, had to configure Windows firewall now working thank you.