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On data connection fail - STABRIDGE

I have two SIMs, and I can enable "On data connection fail".
My RUT955 is working in bridge mode, and Fortigate is doing all the traffic intelligent.

My question is what correct settings should be set if RUT955:
- RUT955 is set in bridge mode
- SIM switching is enable
- On data connection fail => ICMP Echo is enable
- Health monitor ICMP interface => set to WAN or STABRIDGE

Above setting are causing internet connection to keep switching between two SIMs

Could you let me know if this is expected behaviour? As I would imagine if ICMP timeout is reached, then SIM switch should happen? However in my case it keeps switching all the time.


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The configuration you are using is correct. In your case, after three failed ping attempts, a SIM switch should occur. 

I would like to check in detail why a SIM switch always happens, so I need a troubleshoot file. Generate a troubleshoot file and send it via private message. Go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and click Download.