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Hello, the RUT955 seems to be missing one key SMS Utility ingredient to make it everything I need.

The ability to enable or disable configured Digital Inputs would allow us to arm/disarm like an alarm system.  At the moment, the DI triggers SMS and Digital Outputs if configured regardlessly (I thought SMS>monitoring on/off was the function, but it's not).

Please could you look at adding a function similar to the following.   It would allow the DI (PIR's/Reed Switches etc) to be ignored when SMSin=iodi1off (disable input one output functions (SMS and/or DO). To re-enable alarm monitoring, SMSon=iodi1on (enable input one output functions (SMS and/or DO).

Reboot state options could be configurable on or off.


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So far, there are no plans to expand SMS utilities with this functionality, but I have forwarded your suggestion to RnD about the possibility of including such functionality in the future.