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I have a Verizon model RUT240 and am experiencing data disconnects  ranging from every 2 minutes to every 60 minutes but with my other modem (GL.iNet x750 with Quectel EP06-A) I experience zero problems with the exact same SIM card, APN, etc. I tested the 1.12.2 firmware today and it did not fix the problem.

I can access the Web UI and everything well, but the data connections disconnects and resets as above. Also, I have great signal at -55.

I am powering the router PoE with 18v (from 24v Passive but dropped down over long run). The router doesn't restart, just the modem disconnects.

You probably already thought of it, but it could be that there just isn't enough current to supply both the core operating system and the radios.  Tried pulling the unit into a location where you can supply something other than POE?
I have thought of it. I just didn't think that only cycle the modem, that it would cycle the entire router. Though, I thought the router accepts 9-30v POE? No? If so, the voltage is never below 16v so that shouldn't be it.

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Could you pleae PM me the troubleshoot file of the RUT240 after he disconnects from mobile network? In general make sure that RUT240 connects to the mobile network and wait for disconnect, when RUT240 disconnects from mobile network, please navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.

Hello! After plugging the router into a location with LTE signal and an AC outlet, I can confirm it was actually a power issue. For whatever reason, the modem (but not the router) was rebooting due to power. I don't know if it was power variance and low voltage.I was getting consistent 18v at modem install point. I thought that would be enough. Though the issue is fixed for my current install location (AC outlet near), would you like the troubleshoot file for when I have installed in the POE location with 18v? I can install it there later this week to get the file.
Hello optymyze,

No, no need for troubleshoot file in this case. Yes, power issue might be the reason router was rebooting.