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I have a RUT955, and I'm trying to config a VPN using IPsec, the RUT955 on site 1 with a DDNS address and a laptop with a VPN software.

My configuration:

Iker versión: Ikev1

Mode: Agrgresive

Type Tunnel

My identifier type : FQDN

On startup: Start

My Identifier: RUT955

Local IP address: X.X.X.X/X

Left Firewall: active

Force encapsulation: disable

Dead Peer Detection: disable

Remote VPN: blank

Remote IP address: Y.Y.Y.Y/Y

Right firewall: active

Enable Keep Alive: disable

Host: blank

Ping Period: 10

Allow WebUI: disable

Custom Options: Blank

Phase 1 AES128,SHA1,MODP1024

Phase 2 AES128,SHA1,MODP1024

Pre-shared keys and I think thar here is the problem...

Pre-shared key: key

Secret ID Selector, "no idea what I have to here" remotelaptop for instance.

And here it's the laptop configuration

Host name or IP address: test.RTU955.org

Local virtual adapter Y.Y.Y.Y/Y

Authentication: Manual PSK

                         FQDN: remotelaptop

Remote Identity:

                        FQDN: RUT955

Pre-shared key: key

phase 1: aggressive, AES128, sha1, modp1024

phase 1:  AES128, sha1, modp1024

Remote network: X.X.X.X/X

I write here the log form the VPN software.

I also would like to know if it's posible to configure IPsec VPN using a certificate in the RUT955.

I'm also have problems with the config of the DDNS, i think that RUT955 is not updating the IP on the DDNS server. here it is my configuration screen.


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Could you add a troubleshoot file from your RUT955 so I could investigate IPsec logs, as troubleshoot system.log file includes more detailed logs than VPN logs on windows.

Unfortunately IPsec has no option to include x.509 certificates into the configuration.