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I am trying to get the router's GPS location by enabling the GPS service to send the data to our server. I do receive the IMEI first but I am not sure what the server is supposed to reply?
In the docs (https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT850_GPS_protocols#Communication_with_server) it says that the server should return "01" in binary format. What does that mean exactly? I tried all kind of formats (string,hex, int, ...) but I never got any response with the location.
Do you have any code example I could take a look at? (language doesn't matter)

Thanks for your help

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Correct, server must respond binary "01" to the router, so that router could start sending GPS data to the server.

You can simulate this communication by launching e.g. "Hercules" application (from HW group) on your server and responding "01" HEX value once IMEI from the router is received:


Additionally, Teltonika has both TCP/UDP listener and Tavl Data Parser applications, which allows you to integrate router's protocols into your server faster. You can download it from here: Teltonika Tavl Parser

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