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I've read a 1-wire device some times ago with  TRB141. Now I cannnot. Something has changed, with the last firmware? Wich directories and files contains the readings? Some previous setup?

(the suggetions on:

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Sorry for long silence, I've checked and found missing directory, where one wire data was kept before,, but it took some time until fix was implemented. I will check it in few minutes time and if all is fine, could you PM me after logging in so I could sent it to you?

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New Firmware is ready, fix will be implemented in main firmware with version 2.5. For now please PM me if you need test firmware to make this functionality work.

Short instructions, after installing firmware:

  • Check one-wire configuration: ubus call ioman.gpio.onewire status      
  • If value is 0 then use command: ubus call ioman.gpio.onewire update '{"value":"1"}' and check status again:
  • Now you can check ls /sys/bus/w1/devices directory to find more directories your one-wire sensor names and choose the one you need/want:
  • And finally, use command cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/<sensor_directory>/w1_slave to read sensor values:

And one more time, if you need firmware for one wire until 2.5 version is released, please PM me and I will send it to you.