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Since i already have a router i want to use the RUT950 just handling passthrough from either my fiber connection and as failover Mobile/LTE. I cant figure out how to configure this.

I thought i would be able to Connect my fiber-connection to the WAN port of the RUT950, add a simcard and the use the Passthrough through the LAN port that connects to my main router?

On the moble configuration i cant select passthrough because "multiwan" is enabled.. Disable multiwan will then remove the whole functionality of fallback from one interface to another, right?

Tried searching for this scenario but couldnt find anything, thought this would be the main case of such a functionality?

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Bridge/Passthrough mode bridges the LTE data connection with LAN. In this mode the router does not have an internet connection as the ISP provides an IP address directly to the end device (e.g., computer). Using Bridge and Passthrough modes will disable most of the router’s capabilities and you will only be able to access your router's settings with a static IP address.  

Passthrough and Bridge modes are disabled when multiwan is enabled.