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Dear All,

I'm experiencing some odd behaviour with one teltonika router RUT955. I'm not able to login to the admin page and neither to an SSH session, so I've moved forward for a total reset of the equipment, but when I click on the reset button, nothing happens. Is there any other way to "hardly" reset the equipment?

Please check the behaviour on the videos below:


Rafael Couto

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Hi Rafael,

At this state, at least LAN and Connection Status LEDs should respond. Nothing seems to be operational at all, it looks like a hardware issue to me. Has it happened after a certain event?

I would suggest you to check if device can go to bootloader mode. I doubt it will work but wouldn't hurt to try.


Hi Elturco,

I've uploaded the most recent firmware and the previous one using the bootloader mode, but unfortunately the results are virtually the same, apart from that now it gets stuck on the firmware update loading screen and flashing the LEDs on LAN ports and this never ends.

Video of behaviour:

Thank you for the help.


Hi Rafael,

LEDs turning on and off from WAN to LAN1 in sequence means the router is in BootLoader mode. You can close the browser window after you see 'Update in progress'. The update itself takes only a few seconds but the router will restart afterwards. The entire process before the router becomes reachable again will take 3-4 minutes. Have you tried to reach the router after waiting some time?

Also don't forget to change back your PC's IP address because it might cause problems when connecting to other devices or no internet access if you haven't specified any DNS servers manually.

Which bootloader version do you have btw?

Is there a reset procedure to follow?