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I want my RUTX11 to connect my home wifi for internet but I want to use RUTX11 to connect to internet for other devices. RUTX11 to appear as wifi but I couldn’t manage it. I tried both modes but doesn’t work. Could you explain where to put what one by one?


2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello good day,

You can achieve that thing by following this steps:

1. Log in your RUTX11 Web UI. 
2. Make sure you are using the latest firmware found on this link: 
    This is to prevent issues from your device.
3. Now when everything is okay. You need to go to Network > Wireless 
4. You will be redirect to the wireless interfaces like the image below: 

5. Now press Scan then locate your home wifi network. It would look like this:

6. Now once you located your home wifi network you need to join network then enter your wifi password then Submit.

7. You will be redirect to a page just press save and apply. It would look like this:  

8. Then you will get this result and you will now have network connectivity on the RUTX11 wifi SSID.

Just a quick reminder to prevent issues on the network side it is best to have different IP address set on RUTX11 LAN IP with the Home Wifi Network. Example RUTX11 Lan IP is and the home wifi network is 

Hope it helps

Thank you and have a nice day!
Stay Safe


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by anonymous