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I want to change the login web password of my Teltonika RUT240 via SSH.

Is it possible? Maybe via UCI commands?

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Use command passwd if you're changing it from internal CLI.

Unfortunately, you can't use uci or json-rpc to change WebUI/SSH password, as it is not secure.


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I have the same problem. The solution works well, change the password to access via the web.
But I can't avoid asking for a new password at the first start via the web.

Try clearing your browser cache. It might be that cache still giving you the exact cached web page where you started configuring your router from. If this doesn't work try resetting your router to default settings. Please let me know if the issue still persists.

Cleaning the cache does not work for me. 

I found the solution in the /etc/config/teltonika file.

To prevent the website from requesting a password change again, simply run: uci set teltonika.sys.pass_changed = '1'.

Thank You