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Hi I have two RUT240's which are connected together via a IPSEC VPN tunnel, the devices on the LAN's of each device can access each other over the tunnel. I want to Port forward from the WAN of router A to a device on router B LAN, is this possible ? I thought i could do a port forward on router A using the source zone as the WAN and the destination zone as the VPN, but there isn't a zone for IPSEC. i ihave tried destination zone LAN and also VPN:openvpn, but is doesn't work.

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For such logic, it is better to use OpenVPN as it is more flexible, secure, and doesn't need a lot of configuration.

It is possible to port forward through IPSec, but we do not provide such configuration options as it would require all traffic to be forwarded through the IPSec tunnel, which is not even near the "perfect" solution you're looking for.
thank you.

I never used OpenVPN before, do I set one end up as the server and the other the client ? and if I do can the LAN's on Router A and Router B see each other ?
Yes, one router (server) will need to have a Public IP assigned, and other routers can connect to that server as clients. And they will see and reach each other once routes are set up. It's a long but quite easy process that will ease your VPN solution in the long run.

More about OpenVPN here:


Hi. I want to do the exact same thing as outlined by Dennis. I use two RUT950 (with RUT9_R_00.07.01.2) and used OpenVPN/STunnel to connect two local subnets (A: and B: With some additional Routing-Entries, any Client can reach any device in the two subnets. Works perfect.

Now I need a port forward from the main router of net A to a specific client in network B.

Since the portforwarding rules only allow local IP's, I can't select a device of the remote network. 

Is that possible at all?

Ideas / thought anyone?