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Since Im not capable of get OpenVPN working on my rut240, I was thinking of trying Zerotier, but encountered problem. What I wanna do is:

Access a computer on one of my VLANs through RUT240 from WAN. That VLAN currently doesnt have WAN access since I blocked it in "firewall zones" (because of IP cameras that I dont want to have WAN access).

What do I miss when Im configuring it? I have:

1. Installed Zerotier on RUT240 and got it connected with Zerotier setup page. I also did check the box "server" under Zerotier VPN in RUT240.

2. Installed Zerotier on my cellphone and got it connected with Zerotier setup page also.

But how do I access my computer on the VLAN ( through the RUT240 with my cellphone?

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Perhaps this guide will come in handy.


You can add a route to your device in the "ZeroTier Central" dashboard:

Or you can configure port forwarding on the RUT240. Go to the Network → Firewall → Port Forwarding page, scroll down to the "New Port Forward Rule" section and add a rule like this:

Then click 'Edit' next to the new rule:

Set Source zone to 'zero' and save changes:

Take note of a few things though:

  1. If the device is in VLAN, you will also need to modify the internal zone to the VLAN network where the device is.
  2. I used port 80 for the example, but I don't know what service is running on your computer. So, please select the correct port for that.
  3. The external port should also be set in accordance with your needs.

Tell me if any of this is helpful and if you need anything else.

Good luck,


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Damn, what a good and detailed answer, thank you very much!

I will maybe try this further on, but now I have solved it like this:

1. VLAN with 1 NVR and 3 cameras

2. Denied WAN access to the cameras with "Traffic rules". (Just like you said in this thread https://community.teltonika-networks.com/19421/deny-a-specific-client-wan-access )

3. Installed Zerotier on the NVR and my phone, so I can connect and see my cameras from WAN.

What do you think of this solution? Do you see any advantage/disadvantage compare to use the RUT240 as a route to my NVR? I dont wanna open any ports if its not necessary, so  the last option isnt something I wanna do now.
No, I think it's alright. It's basically the same thing, perhaps even better since now you can access your cameras directly via the NVR from ZeroTier, without the need of port forwarding.

That's why I think ZeroTier is great. It can run on almost any machine, it's easy to use and provides adequate data speeds, at least for my purposes.