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Hi all,

I have setup the RUT950 with WAN WiFi as primary (using my home WiFi) and WAN mobile (using 4G network).

For whatever reason the RUT950 shows in the WAN status that my WAN WiFi is 'NOT READY' and it succesfully failed over to the mobile network. Currently I am using the RUT950 over mobile WAN to access the internet.

If I remove the SIM card and force the modem to use the WAN WiFi, the WAN status keeps showing 'NOT READY' but the RUT950 is clearly connected to my home WiFi. In the network topology I can see all devices connected to my home WiFi but the internet is offline.

Any idea what the problem could be? Some gateway setting? Routing rules missing?

I have already upgraded to the latest firmware 06.06.1 and reset to factory settings (at least twice). Nothing is improving.

Please let me know if someone can help

1 Answer

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Problem solved, RUT950 and home WiFi happened to have the same IP address. I changed the one of the RUT950 and everything works.
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