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Hi community members,

I would like to use the RUT240 with an external Poynting MIMO-3-15 aerial on my camper to increase 4G reception, but also to increase the WiFi reception if we are on a camping or such like. It is this latter scenario that I cannot get my head around. If I connect the external WiFi aerial to the router to receive a WiFi signal, what will the router use to transmit the WiFi signal to other devices? I guess I am asking if the router can be used both as a WiFi receiver and a radio at the same time and if not what sort of setup is best to achieve this?

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Accessing and transmitting are operated through the same WIFI antenna and yes, you will be able to use your router as a wireless station and an access point at the same time.

Here you will find full wireless functional capabilities on RUT240:



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Thank you that is very helpful. I take it the external aerial will have no problem reaching the phones and laptop inside the camper? In some setups I looked at people appeared to be using a WiFi stick/card an attached aerial placed before the router.