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HI there,

We have a RUT955 running on the latest firmware, and seem to be having some quirky issues.

Firstly, we are unable to use the WebUI feature in RMS to remotely connect to it. It always comes up with a timeout message.

We have it configured as an OpenVPN server, and this seems to be working fine. So we are able to establish a VPN tunnel to it and access the UI via local web session.

Another issue we have is we have set up some port forwarding rules to devices connected on the LAN, and remote connection to these devices are quite intermittent. Is there some issue under the hood of this particular device as we have several others with the same setup and they appear to be functioning fine?

How can these issues be resolved?

1 Answer

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could you tell me which WAN interface is used on the RUT955? What is its bandwidth? Is it a stable connection?
Share additional information via private message. I also need a troubleshoot file, which you can download from the System> Administration> Troubleshoot menu.

Best regards.