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I cannot get a port to show successfully as open.

They are always closed, I am trying to use OpenVPN on my NAS, but opening the port does not work.

I've confirmed that I have a static IP (which is currently not the IP the provider has given me).

The status/overview page shows my IP address as 10.7.215.***/29

But searching for my WAN IP actually shows a completely different IP address.

49.178.57.*** is what google is telling me.

Neither of these are the static IP address which I am being told I should have from my carrier.

How can the router be telling me a completely different IP address?

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The reason your overview page is showing this kind of address is because your ISP didn't give you a Public IP address and your current IP address came out through network address translator (NAT). Most of the operators give you APN, which you should use to grant yourself a Public IP, but if they didn't do that, you should really consider contacting your ISP and asking about this kind of possibility.