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RUT955 LTE 4G Router

Arrived out the box from Amazon today.

On installation and two sims O2 & EE inserted, the unit is not responding with any wifi signal.

Power light is on and lans work

There are no wifi signal lights active on unit.

There is not much I can troubleshoot here.

My sims are voice/data active as straight from other devices. It concerns me that the mobile connection status led are not illuminated.

What is advice please?

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Hi Paul,

If it's out of the box and mobile connection status LED (First one on the left of 6 lights on the right side)is not responding at all, it is most likely a hardware issue. Regardless of having SIM card in or not that indicator at least should blink green and red every 500ms. Are you sure that light is not doing anything at all?

Try restoring the unit as new without keeping the settings just to be on the safe side, if nothing changes you need to contact your reseller for RMA options.
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Thanks for responding.

Its going back to the supplier!