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I am having an odd issue with my RUTX09 (with external antenna). It connects just fine the majority of the time with a good speed connection using Band3 and Band 20 with carrier aggregation.  However, occasionally the signal drops to only single band (I am a decent distance from the single mast I connect to), when this happens I lose all internet connectivity until the CA is re-established.

As I understand it this is not the correct behaviour.? Surely the router should be able to provide some connectivity with a single band connection, albeit at a lower speed.?  Is there something in the configuration I have missed that could cause this.?  Or is it an issue with the single band connection being on the 800Mhz Band3.?

Connection stats, taken just now show...

Connection type      4G (LTE)
Signal strength      -63 dBm
Carrier Aggregation  Dual
Connected band       LTE BAND 3 / LTE BAND 20
RSRP                 -94 dBm / -94 dBm
RSRQ                 -10 dB / -8 dB
SINR                 4.7 dB / 9 dB

Sorry, I had no luck and abandoned the router months ago. Switched to a MikroTik which performed perfectly without intervention for the 4 months or so I needed it until I had 1Gb fibre installed.

Support amounted to little more than ‘update the firmware and report back’ unfortunately half the time, updating the firmware completely broke router functionality and the other half if had no effect on the issue. Finally decided it was more trouble than it was worth, should have gone with the MikroTik in the first place.

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First of all, make sure you're on the latest version of the device firmware.

Second thing, do you get any change on Carrier Aggregation property? Does it at least change from dual to single?

Third thing, try using a 3G frequency band (WCDMA 2100) and see if it's stable.


HI, thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the confusion. The stats shown in my original post were to give an indication of typical signal strength with an active Dual connection.  When the connection drops to Single, then Single is displayed in the status page, in this case the connected band appears to always be Band3.

I am currently on Firmware version RUTX_R_00.02.01.1 and modem firmware EG06ELAR03A05M4G.

I realise that these are not the most up to date versions but I did update recently and completely lost the ability to connect at all. After a day of troubleshooting I rolled the firmware back to this version and connectivity was immediately restored. I am using the router in Bridge mode connecting to a Ubiquiti USG and during my troubleshooting came across a few posts highlighting similar issues. Having several people relying on this connection I was unable to allow anymore time for troubleshooting in an attempt to get it to work and, as I said, rolling back to my current firmware resulted in an instant resumption of connection.

When forcing 3G only I get a stable connection at something less than 1/3rd the speed of the dual 4G connection, which is to be expected. Stats for 3G are shown below..

Connection type       3G (WCDMA)
Signal strength       -85 dBm
Carrier Aggregation   Single
Connected band        WCDMA 2100
Connected band        -93 dBm
RSCP                  -3 dBm

So I have a stable (if slow) 3G connection and a stable (fast) 4G CA connection but when 4G drops to Single for any reason, internet connectivity is lost until CA is re-achieved. As I mentioned in my original post this feels like there is an issue with configuration rather than an actual fault with hardware/firmware, although that is just a sense I get.  Any further thoughts or suggestions would be greatfully received.

Could you please send me the troubleshoot file via private message? Note that you have to send it right after the issue reappears, so in this situation - download troubleshoot file once you lose connection with 4G and switched to single band mode.

I will do when the problem re-occurs. Or rather once I have solved the other issue that has popped up of me being unable to access the WebUI at all.!!

Had a lengthy outage today on the EE network in the UK, and for some reason my previously setup WebUI access through a virtual port on my USG stopped working. I have checked the config on both the RUTX09 and the USG and it appears to be correct (nothing had changed!) but I cannot access the RUTX09 unless I connect a PC directly to it. The USG is getting an external IP and Internet access is normal so everything is working apart from this suddenly broken WebUI access.

This device is proving very frustrating to keep running....
Could you connect RUTX09 directly and download the troubleshoot file? I'll look if anything pops up in logs.
Sent a troubleshooting file as requested.