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We set up the trial for RMS successfully to monitor a single RUT240. After expiry of the trial four days ago and to get more into using RMS we bought 5 credits from a UK reseller. They were supplied by email as one long alphanumeric code. The email said "This is your credit code". But there is no way on RMS to enter a Credit Code. I could however enter a Credit Pool, is this the same thing or not?

In an attempt not to use all five codes up at once (should I say pools?), I generated a credit code, I entered "1". 

Under Services/Credit Codes this shows up with Credit Amount "1"    and Code Status "not used".

Under Services/Device Monitoring I see Credit Remaining  3/5, I expected at most to see 4/5.

Credit coverage shows a single hyphen.

Why did one credit disappear? Is it anyway a credit or a pool?

Unfortunately the basic concepts are not very well explained in the Knowledge WIKI. I hope that somebody can clarify what happened.

Many thanks.


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Credit Pools contain freely disposable credits. In other words, devices registered on your RMS company use credits available from the Credit Pools page, which displays how many available credits your company has.

A Credit Code is a randomly generated string that contains some number of credits. A code is usually used to transfer credits to another RMS company. When you click 'Create' in the Credit Codes page, RMS takes the number of credits specified from your available Credit Pools and generates the code. The code has to be activated (by your or another RMS company) before the credits can be used. This can be done from the Credit Pools page.

Based on you description, you received a 5 credit code and activated it. 1 credit went to your device and you generated an additional code with another credit. That leaves 3 credits. You should be able to find the 1 lost credit in the Credit Codes page; there should be an unused code containing 1 credit.

Simply copy this code, go to the Credit Pools page and click on Credit Pools → Activate code. Paste your code and the lost credit will become available to your RMS company.

Good luck,


Best answer
What determines the use of credit, is it 1 credit per device, or is it a certain time.
Both. 1 device uses 1 credit, which is valid for 1 month. After this period expires, the device will use up another credit and so on.