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I have an RUTX11 and antenna from quwireless, I have reached out to Google Fi, ATT, and Sprint and have been told that it will not work, or that they do not provide SIMs for boosters...Was curious what carriers people had good experiences with in regards to setting up their boosters.

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Google Fi uses e-sim to establish a connection with the network, so that could be the case with they said our router is not supported, cause it does not have e-sim support. ATT and Sprint, however, could say that our routers are not supported because not all of their main frequency bands are mentioned in our products page: https://teltonika-networks.com/lt/product/rutx11/#ordering

But that shouldn't be the reason why these operators shouldn't work with our router as we have more than one of their main bands supported.

Regarding boosters - it's totally different thing and shouldn't have anything in common with the operator as the SIMs network connectivity is established with the modem, not with the booster or anything else.

Hope this will help you.