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Hi All,

My RUT240 does not seem to pick the 4G data connection up again after it loses it, is this normal ? I have got round this by using the ping reboot setting set to restart modem, but is this the best / only way to ensure the connection recovers ? Also I can "block" the SIM manually from my providers portal for additional security, only "allowing" it again when I need it, but with the ping reboot set, is it healthy to have the thing rebooting every 5 mins for hours / days on end ? what's the best way to do this ?

Thank you, Mark

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There were some issues with 4G in older FW versions. The latest FW version for RUT240 has been out for more than a month now and so far the feedback has been excellent. So I recommend updating as it may solve your issue as well. You can download it from here.

Regarding your other question: why don't you turn Ping Reboot OFF when you block the SIM card?