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Hi there,

I've been successfully using RMS to manage my RT240. Last week I changed the SIM provider from 'WIND" to "TIM" in Italy. I'm now back home in the UK and can't connect. The RMS software says the Teltonika is offline. I have someone near to the router and it is working perfectly.

Any idea why RMS is not working?

- Stephen

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Please try these options below and see if anything helps.

  • Reboot the router.
  • Make sure the router is up to date.
  • Update device information in RMS.
  • Unregister and register it back.
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Many thx

I can't reboot the router - not at the location.

Can't update device information or unregister.

If I try and add the device as a new device it won't let me because it already installed.

- Stephen
If you have someone next to the router you can just ask them to reboot it for you.

Why can't you update device information or unregister it? Are there any errors that you're getting?

If you unregister your device - you can register it again through RMS and it will automatically connect to the service within 2-3 minutes.

The people using the router are my customers. It's a holiday rental property. I received a note from them saying Internet was working fine. I can't really ask them to go into the networking cupboard and reboot a router.

Both the unregister device(s) and update device information are greyed-out in the RMS UI.

- Stephen
I have also a router running in full remote, nearly 4000 km away. For the reboot you can try to switch of power by your customers, it's more easy for them than a login in the webinterface and start the reboot there. If you are successfull to reconnect the device again, activate the autoreboot, maybe everyday at midnight. Or try the reboot by SMS-command (but this feature must be activated). Godd luck!