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Upgraded both modems from EG06ELAR03A05M4G to EG06ELAR04A03M4G and my LTE performance drops from 15mbps to 1mbps.

Is it possible to downgrade to EG06ELAR03A05M4G to test this theory? (Can't locate download for it)

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Before you do anything else I would highly suggest you to try setting your LTE bands manually. You can find more information in this video:


Let me know whether this helped.

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Thanks Justin, I'll document my tweaks here for anyone else with this scenario.

Secondary modem SIM is Three UK. Upgrade to latest firmware dropped peak performance from 55mbps to about 12mbps.

According to https://3g.co.uk/guides/what-frequencies-does-three-network-use I can only set B1, B3 and B20

My location has stronger reception for B20 than B3, but B20 gives 25% performance of B3.

So by setting the modem to Manual band selection of JUST B3, we are internetting again at reasonable speeds.

NB: I don't know what I'm doing, so comments around these settings are welcome :)