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I've just put a RUT240 with Poynting XPOL001 external antenna on my boat which is using an EE SIM card. The external antenna is mounted on the rig that sits at the very top of the boat, but I'm only getting download speeds of between 5 and 10MB.

My mobile phone uses an identical EE SIM and if I run the same speed test (from the same location) over the mobile network I get DL speeds as high as 46MB.

I've upgraded the router's FW to the latest version but no improvement ... the router is stable but slow.

The supplier said that these routers don't work well with Voice & Data SIMS - they work better with Data-only SIMS.

I've quizzed EE on this and they assure me the data service provided on Voice & Data and Data-only SIMS should be no different, which undermines the supplier's theory.

Can anyone suggest why the RUT240's speed is so much lower than my mobile using the same network?

Many thanks

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Having now tested the RUT240 extensively and read all of the past posts on this topic, I have to conclude that the RUT240 just isn't capable of connecting at speeds anywhere close to what it should (or at least what I expected).

DL speeds of 1 - 10MB DL is what it delivers, where my phone (connected to same mobile service in the same location) delivers anything between 50 and 80MB, depending on where it is.

I understand the limitations of CAT4, but with every post reporting exactly the same findings, it's clear that the RUT240 is built to a price point, rather than a performance point.

This is a shame ... it's small, configurable and very flexible, and I'm sure its speeds would be fine for some applications, but if you're hoping to stream TV etc, it just can't deliver the speed.

Can anyone recommend an alternative 4G router which can be powered from 12V and take an external antenna?

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