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I have a new RUTX11 router. I managed to set it up and get it working.

After firmware upgrade to RUTX_R_00.02.04.1_WEBUI.bin seemed to work fine, but after switching power off and on again, device will not start at all. Power led lights and if LAN-ports are connected, them too. Any other lights are not starting. I tried to reset, no effect.

I connected PC to router and used Bootloader-procedure to reload firmware (this time the earlier verison). This seemed to upgrade, but router still didn't start up. Factory reset don't work either.

I can't access to router with my PC because router won't seem to start at all. After awhile, power-led starts to blink, no other leds light up.

This is my second RUTX11 that stopped working in this week. Is there a problem with upgrade or am I doing something wrong?

What else can I do to solve this? Please help!

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I would suggest you to try bootloader upgrading to the firmware that is not the latest. Maybe something in router configuration messed up and not starting as it should.

If it won't help you I think the best option would be filling RMA form again and hoping it's just a bad luck with the faulty devices that somehow got into your hands.