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Hello. I updated the firmware, everything went well, then I updated the firmware of the modem and after the update, the mobile Internet was not available .. resetting the device, updating from the site did not help, I also tried to install the old firmware, in any case the mobile Internet disappeared. when going to the mobile tab, I see an error: 500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, the server encountered an unexpected error.

Failed to execute firstchild dispatcher target for entry '/admin/network/mobile/general'. The called action terminated with an exception: /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:968: The requested node contains no childs, unable to redispatch stack traceback: [C]: in function 'assert' /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:968: in function

Spent 4 hours of my time, the router turned into a brick, advise the restoration ways?

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Could you provide me more information:

  • Device model that you are using;
  • Firmware versions that you used before and updated to;
  • Modem firmware version;
  • Try to remember your steps how you went through updating process and try to write down firmware versions sequence.

Trying to update from server RUTX_R_00.02.03.1 to RUTX_R_00.02.04.3, was successful.

Modem firmware i dont know (~May version -> current version). now my firmware page looks like:

"Server" fields impossible to choose, also router connect through WAN (for recovering) and after 5 minutes working just freezes.

My main page^

Also i trying to install manually other firmware versions from website, nothing help.


I see that your router does not have any internet connection, so that is the reason you can't upgrade from server. Could you send me troubleshoot file via private message so i could look further into the problem. To download troubleshoot file go to System > Administration > Troubleshoot.

did. thank you in advance

After looking into your router configuration and files you provided, it seems like something went wrong while modem module was updating. To fix your issue follow instructions below:

  • Extract modem firmware folder that i sent you via private message;
  • Download WinSCP or Firezilla client and try to login (using WinSCP do not forget to choose SCP protocol):

  • Create a new folder inside /tmp/ directory with custom name, for this example I will be using modemfw;
  • Highlight all firmware files, drag and drop them to router;

  • Connect to router via SSH and run this command:

quectelFlasher -f /tmp/modemfw/

  • Wait for the process to finish

  • Reboot your router and module firmware should be upgraded to previous version;
  • Lastly restore your router to factory default configuration and after that everything should work.


Doing this instuctions,

4G is up.

Mobile page - 500 error.

Doing reboot and update, write this about result later.

Very Thanks