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I installed a brand new TRB140 in Australia today.

It was working perfectly. As a good tech, I decided that I will check the Teltonika website and upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

This killed the internal 4G modem inside the unit, so now with any version firmware, the 4G modem won't come up.

My unit was running TRB1401_R_00.01.06. My model # is TRB140107000.

Serial # 1106151881

2.04.3 Upgrade failed:

I saw that version 2.04.3 was available and saw the instructions about the legacy upgrade.

I did the upgrade and it executed perfectly, rebooted and the webui came up showing the new version.

However the WAN showed nothing, and the system log reporting

"[get-available_modems:97: Failed to lookup for gmsd...."

"Unable to retrieve available modems"

No 4G connection at all.

Tried downgrading the firmware back to what was in the TRB140:

So after failing the update, I then tried to reload the older firmware.

I made sure I downloaded the firmware for the Australian region.

I tried TRB1401_R_00.01.06.1.bin and TRB1401_R_00.01.05.1.bin

Both firmwares installed correctly, reboot correctly and came up. However the internal 4G modem still would not come up


Is there separate firmware for the 4G modem inside the unit. If so, how can you reflash that code.

What else can I do to get this unit to full reflash itself back to a full factory configuartion.

Is this a known issue?

Here are some pictures taken of the TRB140 running the 1.06.1 firmware.

by anonymous

Hi Andrew,

We also successfully bricked our TRB145 with the same firmware update and rollback process. We are in NZ, so same region. In Short:

We could connect to a mobile network using the (AU) factory firmware - TRB1451_R_00.01.05 - the modem automatically connects to the network on start-up.

We updated (good engineering practice - same as you)

On the latest (AU) firmware - TRB1451_R_00.01.06.1 - the modem does not automatically connect to the mobile network, and we cannot find any settings which work (we have tried several SIMs, APNs etc.). The state of the Mobile WAN is stopped with no way to start it:

Downgrading does not fix the issue.

After several conversations with Teltonika and our distributor, serveral binaries, update, downgrade the device was positively bricked and had to be RMA'd.

The latest style of firmware on these devices is better, once you do get on to it.

Out of interest, if you go to the Admistration -> CLI and login as user:root, password:[youractualpassword] can you access any of the gsmctl commands as found here:

gsmctl -v         to get the version (should always work)

gsmctl -i          to get the IMSI (If it can't find the Modem, a call to get the IMSI from the SIM card should fail?)

You're not alone in this.

I'm having the same issue. First Teltonika product I've purchased, and ready to swear them off already, how do you release firmware that renders the unit totally worthless?!

Any movement on this in the last month? Any new solutions?

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by anonymous


It's unfortunate that you encountered such an issue.

Could you please send me your device modem firmware that you're on right now via private message? You can find it in System > Firmware and there will be Modem Firmware Version.


by anonymous
I'm having the same issue, is modem firmware now separate from device firmware?

My modem firmware says "N/A", seems like if it doesn't know what firmware it has, would probably explain why the modem isn't working. Can you please send a modem firmware file?
by anonymous

I've just updated 2 brand new TRB140's and both have lost the modem firmware. How do I get a copy?

It's pretty urgent. I need to install one of these tomorrow.

ausip did you manage to sort this issue out?
No, this is not sorted yet. I still have two bricked devices.
Wait, so what are we supposed to do now?
Are you able to supply me with the modem firmware? I am not the original poster..

They are not entirely bricked. They boot, I can log into the UI. I can see there is device firmware, but there is no modem firmware listed in the UI and there is no activity on the modem LED's

Ugh, I have the same problem now, after bricking my devices well and truly following the legacy upgrade instructions and then banging my head against a wall building openWRT images and reflashing kernel/boot etc. I finally got it booting properly, and now the modem doesn't work.

Hopefully a teltonika rep can point us in the direction of a file to fix the modem firmware :|

Edit to add - I factory reset my device after installing the TRB1_R_GPL_00.02.05.1 firmware and the modem started working again - hopefully that might be the case for you as well..

by anonymous

I had the same issue too today after installing TRB1_R_GPL_00.02.05.1  firmware and a factory reset fixed the problem and the modem work again.

by anonymous

Hello! I have the same problem with TRB140. Tell me where I can get the firmware TRB1_R_GPL_00.02.05.1, after which the device will work?

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by anonymous

Hello! I have the same problem with TRB140. Tell me where I can get the firmware TRB1_R_GPL_00.02.05.1, after which the device will work?