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My Setup looks as follows: I have a RUT950 that is connected via LAN with a Fritzbox. The RUT is configurated and provides a separate WLAN Environment which I am connected to with my Laptop. I have also two raspberry Pi´s connected to the RUT950. With this I am able to connect to the Pi´s via SSH. So far so good.

Now i need to connect to the Pi´s from home (to stop and start Processes...). I figured that i need to connect to the RUT via VPN. I already have "Cisco AnyConnect" as i sometimes use it to connect with our University Network.

Can you help me to get that setup right? i dont know how to go from here, as the User manual is not really helpful for me....Thanks!

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If you can access Teltonika router from home via internet, then you can configure port forward rules on RUT950 to be able to reach your raspberry pi's remotely.

But if there is no possibility to do that, then you can try making VPN connection between RUT950 and your home. RUT950 supports these VPN's:

 - OpenVPN

 - IPsec

 - GRE Tunnel


 - L2TP

More information how to set/configure VPN's can be found in our Wiki page: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/index.php?title=VPN and https://wiki.teltonika.lt/index.php?title=RUT955_Configuration_Examples#VPN

If you still have question or this is unclear, draw a topology of your system with the IP address, how everything is connected via what interfaces.
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