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Hi we have just installed an X11 and a QuWireless QuSpot for Teltonika rutX11 on a Yacht (BTW these are amazing devices and quality engineering). So far we are just trying to get the device to use a long range wifi network as the wan and the X11 as the default gateway on the lan. The device is POE powered on port 1.

The use case is to have a 'permanent' internet connection available either by getting the X11 to connect to a long range WiFi connection as the primary when we are in port. Or, to use a LTE connection when out of range of normal WiFi hotspots and automatically failover to the LTE connection once the WiFi drops. 

Architecture is:

Various onboard devices (Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Amazon FireTV, Cameras <-> Boats WiFi access point <LAN PORT> <POE ADAPTOR> <-> X11 provides DHCP for LAN devices [Remote WiFi network as client/LTE] <-> Internet

It appears that we have to put the wireless mode as Client and connect to the remote WiFi router. We connected both 2.4Ghz [wwan] and 5Ghz [wwan1] both connected fine. When we tried to get out to the internet from a lan client by using the X11 IP as the default gateway we could not get out.

When we configured the Relay option and specified either wwan or wwan1 (not both) as the interface then we could get out to the internet. This did seem to bridge the remote WiFi network to the LAN network. We can connect a virgin device to the onboard WiFi AP and all is well and we can connect to the internet so it must be getting the default gateway info correctly.

We are not sure this is the correct way to go about this and we may have accidentally found a way to make it work. Can anyone provide us with a reasonably simple way to make our use case robust and de-mystify the configuration. One of the things we are scratching our head with is the WAN interface which simply shows as Stopped.

Once we can get the basics configured we will be installing the Zero-Tier package as the onboard Nav Computer and the Camera feeds need to be reachable. It is then possible for the shore staff to both see the camera feeds and also consume the realtime nav data to follow the yacht. 

Thanks for your consideration if you have read this far. I am happy to provide further info but maybe the above is enough. We have full control of the X11 and LAN devices. 

Any help appreciated.


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It is highly recommended to use relayd function as it will merge your new LAN subnet with the connected wifi subnet and will not have any issues accessing outer or inner network. So what you did on accident is correct, it will allow you to avoid conflicts within creating a new subnet that could accidentally be the same as your new WAN wifi that you connected to.
by anonymous
Thanks, we tried a different config today. In that we managed to set the WAN connection to WiFi and removed the relay from the LAN connection.

After reboot and reconnecting the devices to the onboard WiFi and refreshing the X11 DHCP connections all seemed to work as before. We are not sure if outgoing packets are NAT'ed though. We assumed it would NAT via the WAN connection as a default behaviour. We will keep testing and looking at the security implications of both approaches.  The closer we can make it to our normal land based OPNSense firewall config the better.

Zero-Tier seems a promising way for us to achieve the connectivity we are looking for when sailing. RT Streaming of the onboard camera feeds from MotionEye etc.

One thing we could not work out was how to setup the failover. We want to use the 5Ghz wifi first then fail to the 2.4Ghz wifi then eventually fail to the LTE connection.

So default would be WAN connected to 5Ghz Remote WiFi

Failure 1 would be WAN connected to 2.4Ghz Remote WiFi

Failure 2 would be Mobile SIM1 connected to 4G network via 3 Sim card.

Currently we are in maintenance mode onboard so won't be sailing for a few more weeks but we should be able to switch off the WiFi at the Marina for a few minutes the test the failover is working.

Any help appreciated and thank you for responding.