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RUTX11 with RUTX_R_00.02.04.3 and prior firmware:

When I scan for network SSIDs available on 5GHZ Wifi nothing is discovered.

There are networks available. Works on 2.4G Fine.

You should be able to reproduce this in-house with out my router files. It just does not work!


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Make sure you have both of your WiFi antennas screwed in for the best signal. It should work just fine and show you all the scans.

You can try these options:

Try clearing your browser cache if you're stuck on Collecting Data screen.

Try a different browser.

Try restarting the router.

Check if 5ghz access points that you're trying to reach are running on the access channel somewhere between 36 and 144 (except 52, it will not work).

Lastly, try reflashing the firmware without keeping the settings.