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One router RUT955 is not responding in the RMS, even a reboot by RMS gives the errormessage Timeout. [Code: 65545], also CLI and webui are not responding.

At one device i send a sms reboot command which reboot the router but the same issue is still there, no sms confirmation received, i cannot acces webui or cli. What is happening and how we can prevent this?
The connected devices are having internet, so it seems only the routers OS has trouble connecting to RMS.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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For the issue you are having are you having extra RMS Credits for the said device? If yes could you try Disabling and Enabling RMS functionality in the device? You can do it on the Web UI of the device System > Administration > RMS. Also may i know what firmware is installed on the said RUT955 device.

If issue still persist kindly inform me 

Hope it helps.


There are enough credits available.

The firmware version is RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1

If I disable the RMS functionality, then I'm able to enable again remotly? I'm in Italy and the router is in UK, I don't want lose possibbility to reach the router.


Could you try sending this uci commands to the router: 

Please give 1 min interval on sending each code: (routerpass = the password of your router)

routerpass uci set rms_connect.rms_connect.enable=0
routerpass uci commit rms_connect
routerpass luci-reload

Then send reboot command to make sure the changes will be applied.

Next send this commands again:

routerpass uci set rms_connect.rms_connect.enable=1
routerpass uci commit rms_connect
routerpass luci-reload

Lastly send command reboot. 

Hope it helps