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I try to use the SMS notification through the "ping reboot" function on my RUT230 router.

SMS are perfectly sent with the wget configured to check an IP address. I guess this is enough for global SMS configuration validation...

For convenience, I'd like to use the "ping reboot \ Send SMS" function instead of wget but I've no success with it.

My aim is to monitor an (or several) equipment(s) connected to the LAN interface (such as a pingable server) by a ping test and send an SMS on ping check failure.

But, it seems that I cannot do that maybe because the "ping reboot \ Send SMS" monitoring can only be done on WAN connected devices (as the defautl google DNS Am I right ?

Can I do this with that function ?

Thank you for your kind help.

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The Ping Reboot function periodically sends Ping commands to a specified IP address and wait for received responses. If no response is received, the device will send Ping commands a defined number of times at a defined frequency. If no response is received after the defined number of unsuccessful retries, the device will commit the specified action (reboot, by default).

Wget is a computer program that retrieves content from web servers. The Wget Reboot function works in a very similar manner to Ping Reboot. While Ping Reboot sends ping requests to determine whether the conditions for the specified action have been met, Wget Reboot attempts to retrieve the contents of a web server.

Wget and Ping Reboot works in very similar fashion and can be configured exactly same way. You could monitor device connected to your router using ping reboot by configuring everything exactly the same way as wget reboot. Just make sure to insert correct device LAN IP address in Hosts to ping field while configuring.