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I have 6 RUT240_Global routers in South Africa.
Myself, I am in the Netherlands.
I use RMS to monitor the Routers.
Because of Covid, the monitoring was limited to 1 Router, the others I stopped to auto extension to save credits.
Today, I have switched them all on, added credits and thought I would be able to see the devices online in RMS again.
Unfortunatly, this was not happening.
I read some articles in the community and decided to uninstall 1 router and add it again, as I read somewhere this maybe could help.
This also did not help and no the removed and added router shows a black dot instead of a red dot, trying to first time connect.

Does anyone has an idea what might be going on and what i could do to get this going again?


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I'm having issues with a very slow RMS connection myself, having lots of timeouts. It started today after refilling my credits and activating the RMS after having it disabled due to no credits. Any particular reason why this might be happening?
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This could happen for several reasons:

  • Devices stopped connecting to RMS because of a long disconnection period.
  • Service in the device could be broken.
  • You didn't have automatic monitoring activation on your devices when you added credits.
A way to fix this would be manually connecting from the device itself, so you will need to access it physically or remotely somehow to make it work again.