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by anonymous

I set up the router in Austria where it worked fine. The selection of the network operator was set to automatically. After sending the modem to UK, it was not able to go online again. Therefore, I selected a provider manually. The modem worked fine again. Afterwards I again switched back to automatic mode, which also works now. According to the log files, there was not a single action of the modem until I took action manually.

Are there any settings for triggering the search for a new provider?
Normally I would expect that the router do this by itself.


Best Regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous

It is a known issue and already being worked on.

A fix for it won't come with the upcoming firmware, but it should be fixed with another one.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

by anonymous
Still no information. A firmware is almost ready, but I don't want to promise you a date as there could be a delay. I would say it could take about a month.

Thank you for your patience.

by anonymous
Did you ever get a solution for this?

We got the same problem now, but the newest firmware doesn't seem to fix it. (RUT950)

Best Regards,

by anonymous
In Sept. 2020 you wrote that the issue should be fixed in approx. one month.
9 months later the issue is still not fixed!!
Quite the contrary other problems came up with your new FW. releases.
by anonymous
I'm facing same problems when on roaming in Austria and Italy. Very annoying issue of RUTX routers...
by anonymous
We are waiting for a bugfix for more than 1,5 years.
I have no hope that this will be fixed so we are changing the HW right now.