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my TRB140 only works if I set up the service mode to "3g only". If "Auto" or "4g only" is selected the device connects to the mobile network but no data (e.g. ping) will be transferred. The modem status is shown as connected and I get a mobile IP Address but I have no access to the internet. With 3g only mode eveything works fine.

I have the latest firmware installed (TRB1_R_00.02.04.3). My mobile provider is Telekom Germany.

Does anyone have the same issue? What can I do?

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Most of the time if you can't seem to get any data connection flowing, but you're connected to the operator network - it is an APN issue.

Please navigate to your Mobile WAN configuration and change Auto APN to custom APN. You should find the APN name in your operator's website.

Hope this was helpful.